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Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children - Central Energy Plant

Pipe fabrication and installation, equipment setting and commissioning assistance for the 19,500 sq. ft., 5,000-ton Central Utility Plant that will be operated by Johnson Controls, The new utility plant will provide steam, heating hot water, chilled water and air for the new 25,000 SF Birmingham Children's Hospital. Plant equipment installed by MMC Contractors includes:

(6) boilers

(5) cooling towers

(4) chillers

(3) generators

(2) underground fuel oil storage tanks


The new Central Utility Plant should save 3,952,372 pounds of greenhouse gases (CO2) from being emitted into the atmosphere annually.



Additional Project Information:

Project Location: Birmingham, Alabama
General Contractor: Johnson Controls
Project Owner: Childrens' Health System
Project Engineer: Johnson Controls
Field Office: Kansas City