Kansas City Zoo Sobela Ocean Aquarium

Kansas City, MO
72,500 SQ FT
Kansas City Zoo
Mechanical Construction, Mechanical Service, Preconstruction, Prefabrication

MMC Contractors provided preconstruction, virtual design, construction, prefabrication, and installation of the new mechanical systems at the Kansas City Zoo's new Sobela Ocean Aquarium.

One of the challenges during BIM was the routing of the mechanical systems around the Aquatic Life Safety Systems while keeping both systems accessible for service and routine maintenance. The Aquatic Life Safety Systems took precedence over all other systems throughout the facility. 

The new Kansas City Zoo Sobela Ocean Aquarium is approximately 60,000 SF and houses 650,000 gallons of water and approximately 800 animals in 34 exhibits. The largest exhibit is the 362,262-gallon Pacific Reef shark tank. The aquarium includes marine animals from around the world, bringing the ocean to the Midwest. An aquarium complex of this size is among the 10 largest in the United States. 

Preconstruction of the new Sobela Ocean Aquarium began in May 2021. The project began aquatic life acclimation in April 2023 with Opening Day on September 1, 2023.

Additional Project Information:

General Contractor: JE Dunn
Project Architect: EHDD Architecture
Project Engineer: Antella Consulting Engineers

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