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PCG Headquarters Remodel

Performance Contracting Group (PCG) Headquarters 2 project was a complete remodel which involved demolition and UG replacement, as well as significant structural modifications, in order to update and modernize the building while matching the level of finish in their existing facility in an adjacent building. As the mechanical/plumbing design partner, MMC Contractors assisted with the design, construction, and code compliance associated with this remodel.

Repurposed to function as a training center the usage change dictated a significant upgrade to the plumbing systems to account for peak loads associated with an event type space as well as the addition of cafeteria kitchen and entertainment spaces. Mechanical systems were also updated to current codes and efficiencies to handle peak room loads as well as serve training staff office spaces. Significant upgrades to the networking and IT infrastructure to support training presentations required additional IT spaces and high quality audio/video production spaces which also required upgraded and dedicated mechanical systems.

The project was highly collaborative between JE Dunn Solutions Group who served as General Contractor, MMC Contractors and Performance Contracting who self-performed a number of the finishes.

Additional Project Information:

Project Location: Lenexa, Kansas
General Contractor: JE Dunn Solutions Group
Project Owner: PCG
Project Architect: H | D Architecture, LLC
Project Engineer: Bob D. Campbell & Co. (BDC)
Field Office: Kansas City