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Mission Critical
Confidential Data Center

This data center project was a renovation of 58,000 square feet of data center floor and an addition of a new free standing chilled water plant and electrical generation facility. Piping was installed from the new energy center to all three data halls. Two of the three were renovated and piping was installed under the building into the raised floor; the third was routed just short of the active data floor. The renovation included the installation of 18 CRAC units with dual redundant 10 chilled water loops with isolation valves on both sides of every CRAC unit run-out as well as isolation valves on the run-out itself. The entire under-floor piping layout was coordinated in a 3D BIM format that allowed for installation of the piping prior to any of the raised floor being installed. The floor was installed without modifications to the original layout or major “bridging” being required.

The energy center/chiller plant included installation of four generators, two 14,000 gallon fuel oil tanks, redundant duplex pumping skids, filtration/fuel polishing skids, independent fuel system controls with BMCS monitoring and integration, two 1200 ton chillers, two cooling towers, vertical turbine pumps, circulation pumps, a heat recovery chiller (heat generation for plant), a plate and frame heat exchanger for free cooling, 16” chilled water loops, 20” condenser water loops and valve layout such that every piece of equipment and every valve can be isolated and repaired/replaced without the plant being out of service. The piping installed holds over 30,000 gallons of water not including the cooling tower basin. Green non-chemical treatment is provided on the open loop piping system via proprietary technology that keeps the piping clean and free of unwanted buildup. The facility is Uptime Institute Tier III certified and was fully commissioned. All components (excluding the fuel system) are designed to be expandable to double the existing capacity in the future.

MMC utilized 3D modeling, BIM techniques and prefabrication systems that allowed for close to 90% of the welding and 95%+ of the pipe construction to be completed in the prefabrication shop. The installation in the field was primarily bolted/flanged connections. This eliminated rework and allowed for a schedule that was fast, safe and efficient. Full coordination allowed for fewer on site tradespeople and for a cleaner job site.

Additional Project Information:

Project Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Field Office: Omaha