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Novozymes is a biotech company with a strong focus on enzyme production that breaks down plants and waste into usable products such as ethanol, detergents, and lactic acid. As the world leader in bioinnovation, they use industrial biotechnology to re-engineer thousands of everyday products. The process enhances sustainability performance, provides energy cost savings, and decreases raw material costs for their customers. At Novozymes, MMC Contractors worked directly for the owner, a contractor of A&S services, and provided all the HVAC and process piping for the facility in Nebraska.

MMC Contractors’ relationship with the Novozymes family has been a lasting one. It started with a small project in 2009 and has blossomed into a three-year relationship with 11 buildings in all. Over the years the MMC Contractors team has worked with several different contractors at this location but only A&S and MMC Contractors have been there for the entire duration.

Additional Project Information:

Square Feet: 250,000
Project Location: Blair, Nebraska
General Contractor: A&S Services
Project Owner: Novozymes Blair Inc.
Field Office: Omaha

"MMC Contractors’ hard work and tireless efforts were an integral part of the project being completed on time and in a quality manner. The team took ownership of all the tasks assigned to them and were able to execute them with minimal oversight. "
-Project Director, CRB Builders - Alan Crawford