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Power and Energy
Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals

MMC Contractors was selected as the construction manager to oversee all trades and perform the separation of the Central Utility Building for the Sanofi-Aventis campus for the new occupants, as several buildings are now owned and occupied in part by Cerner Corporation. MMC Contractors originally constructed the facility in mid 1980’s for Marion Laboratories (now Sanofi-Aventis) and has provided regular plumbing, piping, millwright and general construction at the facility since it was built.

As construction manager, our scope included all phases of demolition and construction, including installation of a new, 5,200-ton chiller plant which featured chillers, pumps, piping, cooling towers, AHU’S, electrical, concrete, painting, piers and controls. Four new boilers were added to existing boiler plant, including pumps, electrical, piping, DA tanks, concrete work and painting.

MMC Contractors separated all electrical and water utilities between all the buildings because each building now has different owners. Our team also relocated two generators and brought in new electrical service. MMC Contractors drilled over 40 concrete piers—30 feet deep and 5 feet in diameter—to provide support for new cooling tower cells. A new separation wall, including mechanical, electrical, drywall, carpet and painting, was the last piece of the project, which was completed over a period of nine months.

This project earned the 2008—2009 “Outstanding Mechanical Installation Award” from the Mechanical Contractors Association of Kansas City.

Additional Project Information:

Project Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Project Owner: Sanofi-Aventis / Cerner Corporation