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Princeton University Frick Chemistry Building

The 6-story chemistry building at Princeton University is currently the largest academic building on the Ivy League school’s campus. The new building now houses the University’s entire chemistry department and is the new home for 30 faculty members and staff, as well as 300 graduate students and research staff.

The building contains various state-of-the-art labs and equipment. The first floor contains introductory and organic teaching labs. The upper floor has research labs that contain 200 high-efficiency fume hoods, and the below grade levels contain a 250-seat auditorium, dedicated space for laser tables, and a nuclear magnetic resonance equipment lab.

MMC Contractors’ scope of work included the fabrication and installation of all of the plumbing, laboratory gas systems, and water and acid waste piping work for the building. Over 150,000 total linear feet of piping was installed as part of our contract.

Sustainability features include:

Integrated mechanical systems that will enable optimal transfer of cooled and heated air from offices through the atrium and into the laboratories, reducing the amount of outside air that must be conditioned to meet the ventilation demand of the labs;

High-efficiency fume hoods with automatic sash closers that will reduce both air supply and exhaust requirements, and heat recovery systems that will capture energy from lab exhaust;

Graywater system, including a 12,000-gallon rainwater collection cistern, that will collect and recycle storm water for non-potable uses; and

Radiators that heat the individual offices, and ceiling-mounted chilled beams, linked to the room's thermostat, which directly cool the office air by passive convention currents


Additional Project Information:

Square Feet: 260,000
Project Location: Princeton, New Jersey
General Contractor: Turner Construction
Project Owner: Princeton University
Project Architect: Payette Associates
Project Engineer: Ove Arup & Partners
Field Office: Somerset

"Turner Construction Company appreciates the efforts made by all subcontractors to make the new Chemistry Building project a success. The contributions made by the members of your firm was a collective effort which resulted in a project that the University, design team, Turner and the subcontractor community can take pride in. "
-Edward Card and Jay Davis - Turner Construction