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University Medical Center of El Paso

The hospital is the only non-profit hospital in El Paso and is one of the largest children's hospitals in the area. The hospital is associated with the Texas Tech University Medical Center and the new construction will allow for improved site circulation and integration with the medical school.

MMC Contractors was selected to provide complete preconstruction and construction services for all mechanical areas for the large expansion and renovation project for the facility. A significant contribution made during preconstruction were then numerous cost analysis and life cycle analysis. We were able to provide the owner various equipment and piping options while providing constructability and assistance in developing the construction phasing based on the mechanical system support required to keep the hospital operational throughout construction. Throughout the process we were able to provide suggestions for keeping the cost within the owner’s budget, ultimately saving the owner approximately $12 million.

We relocated and connected utilities in the 5,500 ton central utility plant installing 3 new 1,400-ton chillers, cooling towers and new pumping system while keeping the original system operating as a phased in replacement approach.  We also added an additional 500 hp steam boiler to 3 originals and upgraded all original controls throughout the facility. We fabricated and installed all plumbing, medical gas, and HVAC in the 623,260 square foot hospital project.

The project was constructed in 6 main phases with the main bed tower expansion begun prior to the children's hospital. The bed tower expansion and renovation portion of the project included: a new emergency department; level one trauma expansion and renovation; relocated operating rooms; and interventional treatment areas such as cardiology, orthopedics and general surgery.

The new, 224,500 square foot women's and children's hospital includes pediatric surgery operating rooms, 60 pediatric private rooms, 20 pediatric intensive care and 50 neonatal intensive care beds, pediatric rehabilitation services area and much more, all in a family friendly environment.

With the project broken into 6 phases and 4 areas operating simultaneously, we were able to work as a team and coordinate activities in the following areas:

  • West Expansion
  • East Tower
  • Main Hospital Renovation
  • Phased Central Energy Plant Remodel


This project recieved two 2012 ENR Best Project Awards - Healthcare and Safety Awards of Merit .

Additional Project Information:

Square Feet: 623,260
Project Location: El Paso, Texas
General Contractor: Robins & Morton
Project Owner: Thomason Hospital
Project Architect: Architects: KMD and MNK
Project Engineer: Bath Engineering and Mazzetti (formerly M+NLB)
Field Office: Kansas City

"Through your team’s ability to incorporate 3-D Building Information Modeling (BIM), we know that the field coordination will be seamless in your transition from preconstruction to operations. Exceeding expectations is often sold, but rarely achieved. I can truthfully say that you have exceeded our expectations. Thank you! "
-Bill Michael - Senior Preconstruction Manager, Robins & Morton