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Power and Energy
Mirant Corporation

At this generating station approximately 20 miles north of Las Vegas, MMC Contractors installed the following equipment: two General Electric 7FA combustion turbines, each rated at 170 MW; a GE common reheat condensing steam turbine rated at 230 MW; and a D-11 steam turbine and all associated piping systems. The two gas turbines were completed two weeks prior to the scheduled date. Stone & Webster Construction recognized MMC Contractors’ safety record of over 80,000 hours with no recordable injuries on the project.

Additional Project Information:

Budget: $8,000,000
Project Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada
General Contractor: Stone & Webster Construction
Project Owner: Mirant Corporation
Field Office: Kansas City

"Your project team was competent, organized, and performed its tasks with great attention to detail. As a result, equipment check-out and start-up was completed with minimal effort. The steam turbine assembly was completed ahead of schedule with high quality, rapid response provided when additional machining or other work was required. "
-Dan Tesla & Mark Lundien - Site Lead, General Electric & Steam Turbine Technical Adviser, General Electric