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Boulder City High School

Per the 1998 Capital Improvement Plans rolled out by Clark County School District, Boulder City High School is one of five CCSD schools selected for phased replacement. MMC Contractors was selected after three rounds of budgeting.

Boulder City High School was built using a “ship-in-a-bottle” approach; constructed from the inside out. Phase II of this project consisted of the development of 41,000-square-foot buildings that will have new classrooms, offices, lecture halls, drama and art rooms, and includes refurbishment of existing spaces.

The project design includes:

  • New construction and HVAC Upgrade of existing systems
  • Re-routing of pedestrian traffic
  • Re-routing of existing utilities traversing the construction area
  • Disconnect and isolate building from hydronic system for phased work

Additional Project Information:

Square Feet: 41,000
Project Location: Boulder City, Nevada
General Contractor: Core Construction
Project Owner: Clark County School District
Project Engineer: Precision Design Group