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Zoetis IL-31 Expansion

The IL-31 Expansion was a project for Zoetis which created anti-itching antibodies for canine use (itchy dog). MMC Contractors was brought on board as a design-assist partner in order to help accelerate the schedule, Zoetis could then meet market demand for the product. Using the schematic diagrams created by the design team, MMC Contractors generated a fully coordinated three-dimensional BIM model of all plumbing, mechanical and process piping and ductwork systems.

Using this unique project approach MMC Contractors was able to shorten the duration of construction by four months, both saving the customer money and allowing them to bring the highly in demand product to market sooner.


  • Increased Zoetis’ production capacity by 12,000 liters
  • 50,000 man hours in an 8 month schedule
  • $750K savings off the original budget per the owner
  • Construction schedule accelerated by four months

Additional Project Information:

Project Location: Omaha, Nebraska

"The success to date would not have happened without your team. Moreover, it’s great working with professional, skilled and innovative people who take on a challenge and are nice to be around; some days I like to spend time in your trailer rather than my own." "
-Chris Hope - Global Engineering Services