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Methodist Hospital Cooling Tower and Chiller Replacement

MMC Contractors was selected to demo and install a new cooling plant for Methodist Hospital. The project consisted of the demoltion to 4 old wooden cooling towers off the 12-story hospital roof. MMC worked as the general contractor to coordinate the new roofing scope and steel scope to install two new cooling towers on top of the hospital.

The second portion of the project was the demolition of three existing chillers in the basement of Methodist Hospital. Two new 1,400-ton chillers were then installed as a replacement. Each chiller was delivered from the 7th floor and routed through an old incinerator shaft and down through a basement mezzanine into the location where the chillers were installed. All piping on the project was prefabricated, while a portion was lowered into the basement and the remainder was flown to the roof by a crane while the cooling towers were being installed.


New equipment installed at Methodist Hospital:

  • Two 1,400 ton chillers
  • Two 1,750 ton cooling towers

Additional Project Information:

Project Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Project Owner: Methodist Hospital