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College of Saint Mary Mercy Hall

College of Saint Mary – Mercy Hall serves as the student center for the campus, housing both the campus book store and administrative offices on the first floor. The Second Floor is dedicated to the cafeteria and dining areas. MMC Contractors was hired by Weitz Co. on a hard bid final contract. The entire plumbing system was replaced – waste & vent piping, domestic water services and 140-degree hot water for food preparation/cleaning. We also installed new gas piping for boilers in the mechanical room and services to new kitchen equipment along with plumbing fixtures on both the first and second floors. MMC focused its efforts and, along with Weitz Construction, the project was completed for students to enjoy the newly renovated area at the end of September 2015. Construction lasted approximately 5 months.


New equipment installed at building:

  • Domestic water heater
  • Plumbing Fixtures throughout the first and second floors
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • In order to excavate for the 9ft deep elevator sump pit in the mechanical room, an excavator was lowered in thru the fresh air intake shaft by a crane

Additional Project Information:

Project Location: Omaha, Nebraska
General Contractor: The Weitz Company
Project Owner: College of Saint Mary