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AGC Glass Stacker Relocation

AGC Glass Co. had under-utilized equipment in the Victorville, CA manufacturing facility that needed relocated to the Spring Hill, KS facility to increase production capabilities. A glass stacker takes large sheets of glass as it is cooled from the manufacturing process, and lifts them onto the stacker. It rotates on a rail system to allow for stacking on both sides. The stacker unit then is moved to a holding area where it can be stored for further processing, or loaded directly onto trucks. AGC Glass makes large glass panels for solar panels, architectural and automotive uses.

MMC Contractors Millwrights pre-inspected and photo documented the system recording As-Found dimensions using an Optical Transit and Level. We then cleaned excess grease from the equipment, applied match-line markings and inspected the equipment for worn items that would need to be replaced upon re-installation. Once we began to decommission the large glass stacker and associated conveyor system, we constructed crates and skids for shipping, created a Bill of Lading for each truck load and photo documented the shipments while creating the plan for re-installation.

Once the trucks arrived in Spring Hill, KS, final inspection was made as items were off-loaded. To install the equipment in the new location, the concrete floor had to be cut and lowered. A new foundation was poured with new footers, sole plates and anchor bolts were installed to support the track system for the 40,000  lb. piece of equipment. Replacement parts were installed while the Glass Stacker was re-installed. MMC Contractors Millwrights provided commissioning assistance to get the equipment to full production capacity.

Additional Project Information:

Project Location: Spring Hill, Kansas
Project Owner: ACG Class Company
Field Office: Kansas City