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WinnaVegas Casino Hotel and Conference Center Addition

MMC Contractors was contracted by SCC Building Group, Inc to install a complete mechanical and plumbing system for the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska’s new four story hotel and conference center. The hotel will be connected to the existing casino and will be able to house approximately 250 guest at a time. A conference center was constructed on the east side of the hotel that can hold a maximum capacity of 200 individuals.

The MMC Contractors team installed nearly 160 packaged mechanical equipment throughout the project including over 265 plumbing fixtures. Though the project was interrupted due to Missouri River Flood, MMC’s team was able to stay ahead of the other trades during the course of the project and met the owner’s completion date of April of 2012.

The mechanical and plumbing systems installed at the WinnaVegas Casino Hotel & Conference Center Addition included:

(78) Friedrich Vertical Heat Pumps Units.
Ten (10) Packaged Outdoor Roof Top Units.
Six (6) Daiken Outdoor Condensing Units and 38 Interior Cooling Units including 26 Electric Duct Heaters.
Four (4) State 130 gallon, 499,000 BTU propane gas-fired water heaters.
One (1) Dectron Packaged Pool Air Handler / Dehumidification Unit.
Install over 265 total fixtures including water closets, lavatories, sinks, and bath tubs with shower heads.

Additional Project Information:

Project Location: Sloan, Iowa
General Contractor: SCC Building Group, Inc.
Project Owner: Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska
Project Architect: Leo A Daly
Field Office: Omaha