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Bayer HealthCare - Shawnee, KS Production Facility


MMC Contractors began working at the Bayer manufacturing and distribution facility in Shawnee, KS in the early 1990’s, having performed in excess of $15,000,000 in mechanical installations to date. Some of the product lines we have been responsible for include the Advantage® Flea & Tick for dogs and cats as well as Ponazuril an orally administered paste to treat spinal cord disease in horses, Cipro® an antibiotic used to treat anthrax. Since this is a functioning manufacturing and distribution facility, tight schedules, maintaining a sterile environment and limited workspace are always part of planning and executing the work at this faciliy.

MMC Contractors teams have provided pharmaceutical grade stainless steel process piping, plumbing and central utility system fabrication and installation including: 

  • Clean Steam
  • Clean in Place (CIP)
  • Process Air
  • Ambient Water for Injection (WFI)
  • Instrument Air
  • Plant Steam and Condensate
  • Glycol Systems
  • Platforms
  • Tank Setting
  • Purification Filter Carts
  • Heat Exchanger Skids
  • Vacuum Pump Skids
  • Filler, Labeler and Packaging Conveyor System Installation
  • General plumbing and HVAC improvements
  • Chiller Installations
  • Wastewater Management Systems

Working at the Shawnee facility as Mechanical Prime on several projects we have performed general construction functions including constructing a new guard house, security gates, conference room expansion, safety showers, fermentation air locks.

Additional Project Information:

Square Feet: 93,000
Project Location: Shawnee, Kansas
Project Owner: Bayer Corporation
Project Architect: Various
Field Office: Kansas City

"Your team's technical impact on design and construction was very valuable to us. Your team completed the project well ahead of schedule, within budget and with superior quality / craftsmanship. Your team also provided general construction management that helped us out considerably and further demonstrated your team's ability to work effectively. On behalf of the Bayer team, thanks for your continued contribution and congratulations on a job well done.  "
-Steve Meeker - Manager, Engineering