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Levine Children's Hospital and ICU Patient Tower at Carolinas Medical Center

MMC Contractors was part of Robins & Morton’s team constructing the new state-of-the-art 7-story, 234 bed, 229,000 sq. ft. Levine Children’s Hospital plus a new 250,000 sf. ft. ICU Patient Tower for the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC. The two facilities connect to the existing hospital on the campus and at $100 million, was the largest single construction project in the history of the owner, Carolinas HealthCare System, the 4th largest public healthcare system in the nation.

MMC Contractors provided complete pre-construction and construction services for the two hospital tower additions for the entire plumbing, medical gas and HVAC scopes of work. The Intensive Care Tower and the Children's Tower each had different engineering firms for the design; MMC Contractors collaborated with each firm, the hospital and Robins & Morton on the best way to minimize disruption to the hospital while construction took place over the course of a 26-month schedule.

 The new family-friendly facility includes comfort rooms in the pediatric and neonatal ICU’s Family Resource Center, a health library and other features such as gardens. The innovative design encourages family members to participate in all phases of patient care.

MMC Contractors also provided pre-construction and construction services for the $11.6 million, 10,500-ton Central Energy Plant that supplies heating, cooling and water systems to these two new hospital buildings which was constructed by a different general contractor. Please visit the Energy and Power section of our website to learn more about the Central Energy Plant at Carolinas Medical Center.

The three projects were constructed simultaneously on the tight urban property.

Additional Project Information:

Project Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
General Contractor: Robins & Morton
Project Owner: Carolinas Health Systems
Project Architect: ICU Patient Tower:  Caveo Consulting Engineers
Levine Children's Hospital Tower:  Newcomb & Boyd
Field Office: Kansas City