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Burns & McDonnell World Headquarters Expansion

The Kansas City based engineering firm of Burns and McDonnell selected MMC Contractors to provide chiller plant modernization and other HVAC upgrades to accommodate their world headquarters expansion project. The expansion project included a new 450-seat auditorium, conference center and wellness clinic.

 The Chiller Optimization portion of the project increased chiller efficiency and provides reduced energy consumption which raises their Energy Star score.  A high Energy Star score provides more LEED credits.  By including replacement of an existing R-11 chiller in our Refrigerant Management program we were able to demonstrate compliance with the refrigerant phase-out plan. 

The Outdoor Air Damper portion of the project included installation of new outdoor air dampers and monitoring stations which allows Burns & McDonnell to comply with the requirements of the Indoor Environmental Quality prerequisite. The dampers allow for control of minimum outdoor air CFM requirements and initiates alarms if the proper air flows are not met. These initiatives contributed to the project achieving LEED Silver certification.

Additional Project Information:

Project Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Project Owner: Burns & McDonnell
Field Office: Kansas City