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Crown Center Square Fountain Renovation

Crown Center is an upscale trendy shopping and entertainment district that is the brain child of parent company Hallmark Cards. The Crown Center Square Fountains are a central gathering point for many ethnic festivals, concerts, home to the Hospital Hill Run and other events. It is situated in the center of the Crown Center Complex, world headquarters to Hallmark Cards.

The Crown Center Square Fountain Renovation project encompassed the removal of the 40-year old fountains on Crown Center Square and replacement with a completely new fountain system. The project was originally scheduled in two phases during winter months and completed in mid-2007, in time for the summer concert and festival "season". However with input from MMC Contractors and our committment to fabrication of essential components, the project was completed in one phase from October 2005 to May 2006, a full 12 months ahead of the original plan.

The new system was designed by Wet Design, Inc. designers of the world-famous fountains at The Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada as well as two highly recognizable Kansas City fountains: The Barney Allis Plaza Fountain and the Harry Wollman Block Fountains at Union Station. Kansas City is know as "The City of Fountains", so to be a highly recognizable fountain amongst so many is a distinction that each of these is honored to hold. MMC Contractors installed the Henry Wollman Block Fountain at Union Station in 2001 as part of the Science City project. The Harry Wollman Block Fountain is named after co-counder of noted national tax preparation firm also headquartered in Kansas City, H & R Block.

The new Crown Center fountain system has multiple pumping units which feed fountain headers that, in turn, supply "micro shooter" nozzles and "analog" nozzles. These spray the water at various pressures and directions. It also included new heating water to temper the fountain water so it can be run in temperate midwestern weather. The original fountain had to be shut off and drained during winter months. The new system can run year round. MMC Contractors pre-fabricated the "pump skids" for the numerous pumps in our fabrication shop allowing the installation to meet the tight schedule. Access to the "pump rooms" for the fountains was within the complex parking garage and had limited height restrictions and lay-down space during the holiday shopping season.

Since the original fountain was installed in the early 1970s, the Crown Center Square Fountains have become a favorite spot in the city for young and old to enjoy the sounds of splashing water, annual trips to the pumpkin patch or various ethnic festivals and the Thanksgiving weekend lighting of the Mayors' Christmas Tree. The new design should enhance visitors experiences each day of the year with the exception of when it is turned off for the installation of the Mayor's Christmas Tree each November through December.


Additional Project Information:

Project Location: Kansas City, Missouri
General Contractor: J. E. Dunn Construction
Project Owner: Crown Center Redevelopment Corporation
Project Architect: Zimmer, Cunsul, Frasca Partnership
Project Engineer: Smith & Boucher
Field Office: Kansas City