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Federal Government and Public Works, Office Building and Retail
Las Vegas Federal Justice Tower

The Las Vegas Federal Justice Tower is a design-build project located in downtown Las Vegas. It is a 130,000-square-foot 10-story high rise office building with an attached 5-story parking garage.

MMC Contractors was selected via an interview process and estimated budget based on a design narrative. Criteria was based on ability to provide accurate fast track budgets, provide design, past experience, staff experience, and the ability to manage complex projects. The prospective contractors were required to provide a budget and methodology for accomplishing the work while meeting the design narratives criteria.

Challenges included: budgeting this project with no mechanical design, limited mechanical room space, no onsite storage, downtown parking restrictions, road closures with no direct access install mechanical equipment. 

Design included:

Complete mechanical design
Detailed budgets set by design narrative
LEED Silver Goal
High rise tower with Smoke Control
130 water source heat pumps
Central Plant, cooling towers, boilers, pumps
Complete plumbing
No onsite storage

Additional Project Information:

Square Feet: 140,000
Project Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
General Contractor: SR Construction
Project Owner: SDA Development, Inc.
Project Architect:  
Project Engineer: Venture
Field Office: Las Vegas