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Power and Energy
570MW Silverhawk Combined Cycle BOP Piping and Equipment - Phase 2 (GWA-53)

MMC Contractors was selected to provide Balance of Plant (BOP) piping and equipment setting for the 570 MW power generating facility located 30 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. The Silverhawk Generating Station is a clean-burning natural gas-fueled power plant that utilizes two highly efficient Siemens / Westinghouse 501FD2 combustion turbines to produce electricity. The exhaust from the two turbines is recycled to produce steam for a General Electric D-11 steam turbine to make additional electricity. 

Unlike conventional power plants that use substantial amounts of water for cooling, the Silverhawk Station uses a 6-story dry cooling system similar to a car radiator. The 40 massive fans are used to condense the steam back into water to be reused in the plant. Each fan is approximately 34 feet in diameter. To further reduce water usage, the generating station uses a unique brine concentrator system that recaptures and recycles approximately 75% of the used water.

The plant can produce enough electricity to serve approximately 315,000 Nevada homes.

When completed, the project was awarded the "2004 Project of the Year" by Power Engineering Magazine.

Additional Project Information:

Project Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
General Contractor: GenWest, LLC
Project Owner: Southern Nevada Water Authority and NV Energy
Project Architect: Jones LG, LLC
Field Office: Kansas City