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Carolinas Medical Center ICU Patient Tower and Levine Children's Hospital

Preconstruction and construction of two new patient towers, each approximately 225,000 SF, plus renovations to tie in to the original hospital make this a 500,000 SF healthcare project. MMC Contractors provided all plumbing, medical gas and HVAC preconstruction, fabrication and installation on this project for Robins & Morton while working in an fully operational hospital facility. When the Levine Children's Hospital opened its doors, it became the largest children's hospital between Atlanta and Washington, D.C. The Children's Hospital added a dedicated pediatric cardiac intensive care unit and a 24 hour pediatric emergency department, in the family-centered structure. The project also added eighty-seven (87) new ICU rooms in the ICU Patient Tower. Each tower project was designed by separate architects and engineers, while the central energy plant expansion also constructed by MMC Contractors was also designed by a third design team requiring extensive coordination, especially on the physically tight site.

The project also included a 10,500 ton Central Utility Plant constructed by MMC Contractors, for a different general contractor.

Additional Project Information:

Square Feet: 479,000
Project Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
General Contractor: Robins & Morton
Project Owner: Carolinas Health System
Project Architect: Newcomb & Boyd
Karlsberger Architecture
Project Engineer: Caveo Consulting Engineers
Field Office: Kansas City