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Mission Critical
Cabela's Data Center

Cabela's Data Center is a brand new start-up facility located in Papillion, Nebraska. MMC Contractors was one of three select mechanical contractors in the Omaha area that was chosen to provide a competitive bid, and then selected by Kiewit Building Group and the Owner as their contractor of choice. The facility is designed to double in size with very little modification to the facility outside of additional equipment.

The current facility houses six, 9-ton Liebert CRAC units; two, 120-ton Motiveair air-cooled chillers; three air handling units; one rooftop air handling unit; and two pumps. The facility is also set up so that the addition of two walls can quadruple the current facility size. The main piping is 6” and 8” with a primary and secondary redundant loop consisting of approximately 1500’ of piping. MMC Contractors utilized a shop-fabricated “rack pipe” system that allowed 90% of the piping to be shipped to the job in 12 sections and installed in the field in a 5-day period. It was then ready for testing with only 16 position welds.

MMC Contractors, Kiewit Building Group and the other major sub trades/suppliers implemented BIM/VDC techniques throughout the project to provide a fully spatially-coordinated/modeled facility for construction. The process was led by MMC Contractors with the assistance of the other sub trades/suppliers on the job. This enabled the construction team to meet the Owner's schedule with little to no rework, saving everyone time and money.

Additional Project Information:

Square Feet: 17,000
Project Location: Papillion, Nebraska
General Contractor: Kiewit Building Group
Project Owner: Cabela's
Project Architect: Morrissey Engineering
Field Office: Omaha