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Power and Energy
Show Me Ethanol, LLC

In August 2007 MMC Contractors was awarded the pipe rack installation contract for the 50 MGY Show Me Ethanol Plant.

As the engineer prepared and developed additional packages of work, MMC Contractors was able to procure and perform the fabrication for the balance of the entire plant and the piping installation for the Energy Center/Drying Area, Femenation, Cooling Tower, Loadout and Water Treatment areas of the plant. Much of the pipe was fabricated in our Kansas City fabrication shop and trucked the short distance to Carrollton for our onsite crews to install. MMC Contractors ultimately provided fabrication, installation and equipment setting for the 50 MGY ethanol plant over a nine month period.



Additional Project Information:

Project Location: Carrollton, Missouri
General Contractor: ICM
Project Owner: Show Me Ethanol, LLC
Project Architect: Engineer: ICM