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Utilizing Lean Construction processes during project pre-planning, we identify areas of piping, plumbing, duct work, and equipment skids that can be prefabricated while the design is finalized and other construction takes place. Our fab shops around the country have space for plumbers, pipe fitters, millwrights, and sheet metal workers to prefabricate or construct modular components for all phases of work. Our Las Vegas office specializes in food service and stainless steel fabrication, creating attractive yet functional spaces for our hospitality clients. 

When working outside of our local geographic areas, we have the ability to establish on-site or nearby site fabrication facilities where our employees or subcontractors are able to produce quality segments of work that are racked and delivered to the construction site in time for installation. Through this process, we're able to control the environment (potentially contributing to LEED credits), the quality, and the production levels in our fab shops, increasing productivity by lowering the crew sizes on the job sites.