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Connected Partners: Thermal Imaging

What’s the most challenging thing about working with electricity? It's invisible, and that can make it even more dangerous to work with. Our electrical technicians in Des Moines know this well and understand the importance of having the correct tools in their toolbox to get electrical jobs done effectively and safely.

Thermal Imaging is one of the tools our electrical team uses to make the unseen seen and to help guide our technicians in the direction of the problem. While it is not necessarily a troubleshooting tool, it can help narrow down where the troubleshooting process should begin.

"It's a way to open the book and determine which direction to go in for further investigation," said Chris Struble, Service Manager for Electrical Operations at MMC Contractors - Des Moines.

Thermal Imaging can bring light to where the problem is, and what factors may be causing an issue. The electrical Service technicians' knowledge and experience are what allow them to take that information and discern the possible problems, then design and implement a solution. With a team as experienced as ours, there are few situations our technicians haven’t encountered. Customers can trust that tools like Thermal Imaging, coupled with the know-how of our team, will produce safe, quality results.

Thermal Imaging can also show improvements to a building's electrical use year after year. Our teams often use the imaging to gather baseline information about a customer building's efficiencies and deficiencies. This helps determine pain points that can be adjusted and fixed while our technicians are on-site and can provide year-over-year analysis of whether issues have been successfully resolved, and if new issues have arisen.

Chris says it can be challenging to put a dollar amount on electricity, especially because it is invisible. Being able to see where efficiencies and deficiencies are, as well as seeing efficiencies increase can be very valuable to our customers.

It is not uncommon for larger electrical Service providers to have this tool in their toolkit, but it speaks to the strong nature of the relationships our technicians have with our vendors that MMC Contractors - Des Moines has been recommended to smaller providers for partnership. We have had the opportunity to work alongside these smaller providers in the market to bolster their capabilities and have created partnerships that deepen MMC Contractors' place as a leader in electrical capabilities in the Des Moines market.

In addition to our expertise in Thermal Imaging, our capability offerings also include Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) installation and maintenance; new construction, remodels, and retrofits; and 24/7 Service to ensure our clients’ electrical needs are met. MMC Contractors – Des Moines has been providing electrical capabilities since 1935 and continues to provide quality craftsmanship and a relationship-based approach to constructing and servicing our clients.

As mechanical contractors we are constantly making connections – whether on the jobsite, in the community, with our valued trade partners, and more. These connected partnerships are critically important in constructing and servicing the essential structures in our lives.

Within Connected Partners — a thought leadership magazine created for valued clients and prospective partners of the MMC Contractors companies — we hope to provide you some essentials as well. You’ll find insight into trends important to our industry; stories of our partners making an impact; and resources you might find helpful in what you do every day.

As employee owners, we recognize the importance of adapting to the ever-changing industry, but it’s the strength of our partnerships that take all of us to the next level. The structures we create and the communities that value our collective success enable us to evolve and grow every day.