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Spencer Borghoff Wins 2020 Thomas D. Sanders Award

We're proud to announce that Spencer Borghoff, Pipefitting/Plumbing Superintendent, has been awarded the Thomas D. Sanders Award of Excellence. This award is the company’s highest award and is presented annually to a deserving recipient. When Tom Sanders led our organization, he helped create a culture rooted in three things he thought were incredibly important to our business: people, performance, and relationships. This award started in 2008 as an honor to the award’s namesake and how his spirit lives on in the next generation of employee owners. 

Spencer has left a lasting impact on MMC Contractors-Las Vegas in the 15 years he's been with the company. Since 2005, he has proven his dedication to producing quality work, shown constant integrity, and respects everyone he works with while maintaining a friendly and uplifting demeanor. Spencer's reputation in the Las Vegas construction market is also well known and wide-reaching. He has solid working relationships with most established industry general contractors and attends industry events to increase brand awareness for MMC Contractors-Las Vegas. Spencer is committed to upholding the standard of excellence that the Las Vegas team has come to be known for, and that is evident each day he comes to work. He is a constant advocate for the success of the company and has also directly contributed to the growth of the Las Vegas team over the past few years. Spencer is truly an example of what the Thomas D. Sanders award represents, and his many contributions are greatly appreciated and honored. Congratulations, Spencer!