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MMC Contractors Team Receives Client Award

Andy Johnson, Tim Lovejoy, Annie Diehl, and Addison Weis, of the MMC Contractors Kansas City office, recently received recognition by a confidential client for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to quality work. The group received the Partner in Quality award for displaying the client’s values – Results Matter, Create Solutions, and Speak Up – numerous times throughout the project.

The project was part of an expansion initiative to help the client meet consumer demand for their product. The job consisted of a 142,500 SF addition to their food manufacturing facility and a 23,500-SF expansion and renovation to their office. MMC Contractors provided design assist services, including mechanical, plumbing, process piping, and HVAC systems. Throughout the 11-month project, the team installed 40,000 linear feet of pipe.

The project team was recognized by the client for their work ethics and construction processes that made this one of the top projects in the company in 2018. The group worked to provide expertise and assistance to the client and the entire project team to help deliver a cornerstone processing plant that will help us drive their key results for years to come.

It’s an honor for this group of outstanding employees to be celebrated by our clients for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to quality craftsmanship. This group went above and beyond their job functions and it’s gratifying to work with partners who go out of their way to recognize that dedication. – Chris Hutchings, President, MMC Contractors