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Establishing a Safety Culture

In honor of National Safety Month, we are showcasing our safety initiatives on our company blog. Today’s post comes from Robert Atkinson, Safety Manager at our MMC Contractors – Kansas City office.

The safety culture of our company is one that continues to grow and evolve. Our people are flexible and ready to adapt to changes in OSHA regulations, client and contractor policies and procedures, personnel changes, environmental extremes, schedule changes, change orders, and more. Through this process, our employees are faced with making decisions on how they will build the work and how they will do it safely. 

We strive to help let our hard working men and women see that we are different from our competitors.  We do it right. The MMC Contractors way. Our message is simple: 

We want you to go home safe from work every day. 

We promote empowerment and we encourage our people to speak up and have a voice about their safety and the people around them. We believe in and enforce a “STOP WORK AUTHORITY.” As our Safety Manager, I travel a lot around the country and meet a lot of great people that work at our company. For many of them, this is their first experience with MMC Contractors. When I ask them “what do you think about MMC Contractors?” the same three messages are spoken back to me no matter where I am at. 

  1. We know how to build. We are very fortunate to have some of the most talented men and women in mechanical field.
  2. We provide some of the best tools and equipment they have every worked with. We make it a focus to obtain and maintain a large fleet of tools to help our people stay productive, competitive and safe. 
  3. We are REAL about safety. We not only speak about safety in words, but we back it up with actions. We don’t shy away from the hard stuff — we take it on, make a plan, and execute that plan. 

When I hear these remarks, I’m proud to be part of the MMC Contractors family, but I’m also incredibly proud that safety comes up as a top priority for these men and women. Our culture is a big part of what defines us as a company and these messages showcase MMC Contractors as a company they can be proud of and feel safe at. This in turn increases morale and when morale is high, great things can happen. Productivity goes up and safety incidents goes down. Now that is a winning combination!