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Connecting Our People


Though MMC Contractors has offices nationwide, one thing connects the employees within them — the desire to constantly get better, in business and as an organization. That drive has resulted in a focus on developing our people and leveraging the expertise of each office to become stronger — because people are our greatest investment. As an organization, career development and building the best team from within are keys to our success, and we have zeroed in on ways to strengthen our people by coming together as a unified team.

Investing in our people means helping them grow — both in knowledge and career opportunities — and training the future leaders who will take this company to the next level. One way we do this is through our Annual Mechanical Conference (AMC), a three-day meeting where teammates from around the country gather to learn industry trends, hear from safety experts, and exchange ideas to improve operations in areas such as project management, scheduling, and BIM, among others. The connection not only provides our people an opportunity for professional development, but it also provides a chance to build a better bond between offices.

Cross-company training and collaboration is integral to the continued evolution of our business. In addition to the AMC, our service professionals gather for a Service Summit each year to sharpen their skills and examine ways changing technology can enhance the client experience.

It doesn’t stop with training — improving upon best practices span the organization as a whole. Comprised of team members from each office nationwide, our Best Practice Groups meet throughout the year to exchange and implement ideas that will help each subsidiary grow locally, regionally, and nationally. With a specific area of focus ranging from mechanical service and estimating to business development and field technology, each group pulls ideas from each other to learn while improving our business at every level.

That improvement as individuals and as a company is what keeps our teams focused on remaining a leader in our industry — because  our continued growth means we are a better business partner, providing an enhanced experience for our clients and partners, and a better employer to our dedicated team from coast to coast.