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Behind the Board

Mechanical service is about more than dispatching technicians when needed or scheduled, but rather about working together to understand and improve a building’s efficiency throughout its life cycle. It’s about the approach and including clients in the process — so they know their building inside and out.

With the introduction of a new service software, MMC Contractors is upgrading the client experience, making technicians, dispatchers, and building owners true partners.

One of the most visible things clients will notice is the new customer portal. Once set up, clients will have a history of service calls — both scheduled and requested — to their facilities. "Our portal shows all services to date, giving clients the entire picture of their buildings. It lists all bills and what they are tied to and contains a comprehensive service report with a detailed description of the work we performed, giving clients a holistic view of our services — all at the click of a button. It really just allows them to keep a better finger on the pulse of what we’re doing," said Service Operations Manager Alex Ryan .

Clients are not the only ones who will have a better picture of their facilities — technicians will, too. With real-time updates, technicians have all the information at their fingertips as well to better serve customers. "The software updates in real time, so our technicians can see things like service history, open work orders, repairs, and the preventative maintenance schedule, allowing them to get the full picture while on site to better tend to our customers’ needs while they are there," said Ryan.

While the new technology can drastically improve dispatch and response times and keep clients better informed, nothing can build trust and relationships like the people behind it — a team of experienced, reliable professionals working together to maximize efficiencies throughout the service process.