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Blog: 2 November 2015

Part of being in business means investing. Investing in projects. Investing in the stock market. Investing in people. More and more, companies are realizing that perhaps their biggest investment — and the one that will secure their future — is in employees.

Corporate training programs have always been important for succession planning, but now more than ever, with the average...

Students at today’s universities are getting used to waking up to the sound of drills, digging, and general construction as the race is on for the newest, highest-tech facilities. Higher education institutions are building blocks — both figuratively and literally — of the future, equipping students to take on the challenges of the "real world."

Keeping Pace


Safety is more than just a word, it is a mindset — one construction companies must adopt not only to stay in business but also to be successful. It’s about building safe, working safe, and living safe each and every day because one lapse can change lives forever. A solid safety plan is one that continues to evolve as work practices and technology change job sites and how they are run.


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