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Upgrading the Client Experience

Mike Chick is a vice president of operations at the MMC Contractors Kansas City office. He heads the service and special projects division, where his team provides HVAC project solutions with emphasis on the environment, carbon footprint reduction, and future energy savings.

The MMC service team is constantly looking for new, cutting-edge ways to add value to our client service offerings. Our goal is to continually enhance these services through improving the client experience, adding value to our deliverables, and providing cost control measures for our services – and we believe we have found a solution that will allow us to address a lot of these goals in the coming months. 

This year, we are pleased to announce that we will be launching a new service management software tool called “Workforce Mobilizer.”  Our belief is that implementing this software system will help MMC Contractors in taking another huge step in exceeding our clients’ expectations when it comes to HVAC and Plumbing Service. While new to the MMC Contractors brand,  this software system has been in use by our Countywide Mechanical Systems Service Group for the past few years, and they have seen dramatic improvements with their daily service operations. That is why it seemed only natural for our Omaha, Las Vegas, and Kansas City offices to jump on board with this product and begin rolling it out in our markets.

This system has a number of features and benefits that will assist us in dispatching more efficiently, giving technicians instant access to historical data on equipment, thus allowing them to make more efficient repairs in the field. It will also be useful in improving real-time communications with our clients through the use of field technology devices. Below is a small sampling of some of the features we are excited about:

    •  Field Service Management (FSM)

    •  Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

    •  Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

    •  Computer-aided scheduling and dispatching

    •  Equipment tracking and historical data

    •  Electronic sales quotes and service call resolution reports

    •  Inventory control

But wait….there’s more! In addition to the efficiencies this will provide in the field and savings to our clients, they can now also expect MMC Contractors to provide other value-add services such as executive summaries. The incorporation of these summaries is helpful to owners/managers in asset management, budgeting, planning maintenance activities, anticipating repair costs, and forecasting future capital expenditures.

When we began issuing our technicians iPads in 2012, we quickly learned that the more technology and information at our technicians’ fingertips, the more efficient they became, resulting in better service to our clients at a more reasonable price. By now adding the infrastructure of “Workforce Mobilizer” software, we will be able to take the technology in the field to a whole new level. 

The implementation of this software is currently under way and is expected to be fully operational and rolled out to our respective markets by January 1, 2016.  If anyone is interested in knowing more please feel free to contact our service teams!