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Building BD Relationships

Dennis Eden is the vice president of business development in the MMC Contractors Omaha office. Dennis oversees all business development efforts, proposal preparation, estimating, and preconstruction services for the office and focuses on building and fostering relationships with clients and business partners alike.

The building block of successful businesses, particularly in our industry, is relationships. Through our business development efforts, we not only create new partnerships, but we also foster existing relationships that lead to successful projects for both sides. Business development – and the principles around it – has remained the same over the years, but the way in which we connect with our partners continues to evolve.

In recent years, we’ve found much success with our open houses. It is a great way to get many partners in one place to make new connections and, hopefully, form new partnerships. It is always good to get clients and vendors alike into our building so we can not only showcase our equipment and educate people on our expanded capabilities, but it also creates another in-person touchpoint. In my opinion, face-to-face interactions are still the preferred method of contact, especially in a technology-driven era when emails and texts can often take the place of this.

While technology can sometimes take away some in-person client opportunities, it does help us ensure each client is getting the proper attention. Through the software we use, we are able to track our touchpoints to be sure we remain in constant contact with all clients and partners – no matter what projects they might bring to the table. There’s more to business development than simply securing work; it’s about maintaining relationships with all clients, and it is imperative that we keep in touch with clients even if they don’t have any projects at the moment.

The last way we are keeping clients first is through our best practice groups. Pulling talent from across the organization (and country), our business development best practice group gathers to discuss industry trends as well as compare notes to see what is working well for others in our company. By learning from each other, it helps us find new ways to both engage our clients and keep the relationship strong.

Our core focus is always on our customers and in fostering relationships – old and new – to create new opportunities for our company. Through our efforts and emphasis on business development, I believe our connections will only grow stronger, setting all involved up for success now and in the future.