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A Balancing Act

As the Director of Facilities for Cushman & Wakefield  |  The Lund Company, Brian Feyerherm says that his number one priority is always client and tenant satisfaction. 

“We want to keep our tenants comfortable while minimizing expenses,” says Brian, “By balancing these two things, we increase value for the owner of the building.”

Cushman & Wakefield  |  The Lund Company, specializes in office buildings (2-story to 15-story), industrial buildings, retail spaces, and multi-family in the greater Omaha community. 

In his experience, Brian recognizes that the best way to achieve success as a property manager is to:

Get to know your buildings and be proactive.

Brian and his team utilize Building Automation Systems. This software program is set up to monitor HVAC systems and provide data on efficiencies and performance.

Have an on-site team that looks for long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes.

When a tenant is uncomfortable, instead of just making an adjustment in that space and walking away, Brian’s team investigates what’s causing the discomfort. They can then make long-term adjustments to systems in the building, lessening the chance that it will happen again.

Partner with a mechanical service team you trust.

Brian has worked with MMC Contractors for several years. He relies on the Omaha-based service team for emergencies, standard repair/replacement, and preventative maintenance.

Brian attributes the success of this relationship to open and honest communication. MMC Contractors understands the importance of our clients’ time and the responsiveness required during service emergencies, allowing us to provide the personal attention they need.

“MMC Contractors’ team not only provides quality service, they also know how to communicate with my technicians and facility managers. When there’s an issue with one of our systems, we need to keep tenants and owners informed along the way."