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Tablets Transforming Construction

In today’s high-tech world, construction is doing its part in keeping up with technology. Tablets on construction sites are now a common occurrence, especially with their lightweight feel and universal ease of use. In fact, tablets have provided a whole new way for the field and design teams to connect and collaborate — creating more lean and efficient processes.


Being able to access information at your fingertips is a real time saver for VDC coordinators like Alan Espinoza of MMC Contractors. “Before we introduced tablets to our field foremen, there was a constant stream of people coming in and out of my door looking for dimensions and BIM drawings,” says Espinoza. “Now that the BIM models are with them at all times, the foremen can see dimensions and make decisions right in the field, saving us all a lot of time.” BIM isn’t the only thing accessible through the tablet. Foremen also have access to the contract drawings, time sheets, catalogs, and even pipefitters’ handbooks — proving that there’s an app for just about everything. 


So what else is in store for technology in construction? “More of the same,” says Todd Thompson, a senior project manager for MMC Contractors. Todd and his team are using Vela Systems with their general contractor, Turner Construction, at the new hospital in Fort Benning, GA. From Vela Systems, you can see live punch lists. “If there is a leak in the basement I can see it on the system and then note when it has been repaired,” says Thompson. “It is an instant virtual solution that I believe will lead to less e-mail traffic and move more towards a centralized hub of information,” Todd adds. All, of course, accessed through their tablets.

Technology is a part of almost every facet of our lives. It is used to simplify processes that were once tedious and time consuming. Today, tablets have helped take construction methods to the next level. And it’s only the beginning.