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Modern Communication

The way companies in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (A/E/C) industry communicate today is different than even just five years ago. As a whole, our industry has taken a little longer to adapt to the social media world than many others. However, many companies are now embracing new, faster ways of sharing information with clients. Here are a few of the latest growing trends:


When there’s a high-profile project going on in a community, such as an airport or a new athletic facility at a university, webcams provide real-time progress updates. Contractors and architects give updates via their social media channels to let those interested know when big things are happening. This creates a sense of pride for the contractors involved, their clients, and the community members following the action.


Many organizations now use video to bring personality to their brands. Hearing from employees about what it’s like to work there; learning about a job from the site superintendent; or members of management sharing thought leadership perspectives are some of the most popular videos on A/E/C websites today. These can then be shared via various social media channels, becoming great viral content for those companies.


One of the largest growing trends is the use of Twitter. In addition to brands and executives having Twitter accounts, some companies have even brought their equipment to life with Twitter handles and hashtags. A recent article in ENR followed several tunnel-boring machines’ Twitter handles, updating the public on their jobs throughout the nation.


An innovative form of communication today is through apps designed specifically to keep the public informed about progress on a construction project. When a building or civil project is going to drastically affect the local community, some companies have pro-actively taken the initiative to offer free apps that will keep the public informed.