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Innovation Through Pre-Fabrication

Pre-fabrication has become such an important aspect of the mechanical contracting industry. When done right — and to the fullest degree — clients can save an immense amount of time and money. In an effort to be an even better partner, MMC Contractors has invested heavily in making their pre-fabrication capabilities more efficient and mobile.


For industrial projects, their team pre-fabricates at one of their four
office locations and ships full modular racks to the jobsite. When working on new or replacement hospitals all over the country, they have found success in setting up on-site or near-site fabrication facilities. Often times they are able to partner with local mechanical contractors to assist with the work – keeping dollars in that community.


“Over the years, we’ve seen the evolution of pre-fabrication as an important aspect of Lean innovation,” says Jacob. “Recently, we have implemented processes that have made us more efficient and move faster.” With Lean construction principles being embraced and implemented on jobsites all over the country, the bar has been raised for subcontractors. With the ability to ship full modularized racks to any jobsite and set up temporary fab shops in any geography, MMC Contractors is able to partner with their clients at a higher level than ever before.