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New Technologies Shape Project Management with Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

Monday, June 25, 2012

Innovative computer and mobile technologies are becoming powerful resources for MMC Contractors. While the construction industry has typically been slow to integrate emerging technologies, the last decade has seen a shift toward AEC companies adopting new technologies sooner and with greater effectiveness. MMC Contractors has been aggressively adopting new technologies to better serve our clients. The latest technological advances adopted by MMC Contractors are listed below.


3D Modeling and GPS Technology

Using the Trimble system, MMC Contractors has increased installation productivity up to 500 percent. The Trimble system has increased installation accuracy to within one-sixteenth of an inch. This new technology allows all of this to be done without ever pulling out a tape measure. The Trimble system empowers MMC Contractors to work more efficiently than ever before and to create world-class facilities with pinpoint accuracy. To learn more about the Trimble system and its integration with our pre-fabrication techniques, watch this video.



Building Information Modeling (BIM) has improved accuracy of installations and made our team more efficient. BIM creates physical and functional characteristics of a building in digital representations to allow for better decision-making information about a building from conceptual stages all the way through construction and eventual operation of the building. This technology allows MMC Contractors to pre-fabricate piping, HVAC system components and other construction parts. To see how BIM assists with pre-fabrication, watch this video.


Paperless Technology

A paperless structure on the job site streamlines the entire project. MMC Contractors used to download and print documents prior to working on a project, but that has been replaced by a new online system. Necessary documents can now be accessed anytime online by all members of the construction team. This technology eliminates time and space barriers that were present in the former paper structure, which increases the efficiency of the project management.

“As a mechanical contractor, one of our goals is to be the best partner we can be to our clients and subcontractors, we’ve found that going paperless benefits all parties,” said MMC Contractors President Jacob Vogel