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Modularization Project Awarded to MMC Contractors

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI - Abener/Teyma selected MMC Contractors for their Modularization Project that will be fabricated in the Kansas City fab shop and shipped to Abener/Teyma’s Solana Plant, a 280MW Solar Power plant located in Gila Bend, AZ (60 miles west of Phoenix, AZ).

MMC’s scope includes over 1,800 feet of modular rack system, 10 prefabricated modular equipment skids, and several truckloads of interconnecting piping systems that run between the rack systems, the equipment skids, and final termination points in the plant. MMC Contractors will perform this work on a design-build basis. The team is responsible for design, engineering, 3-D modeling, fabrication and delivery of the systems.

The 1,800 foot rack system contains more than 13,166 feet of piping and 5,617 feet of cable tray. The modular rack system will be fabricated in approximately fifty (50) - 80 foot long structural rack subassemblies ranging from 10 to 16 feet.

All of the pipe and cable tray will be prefabricated, cut to length and attached to the rack system in the shop. The modular units will be shipped to the site ready for installation. Each subassembly will weigh between 40,000 and 80,000 pounds. We anticipate utilizing 426 tons of steel in the assemblies. The piping systems include high pressure, high temperature “heavy wall” piping with a wall thickness of 1.82” and a weight of 215 lbs. per foot.

The prefabricated skids include mechanical equipment (pumps, heat exchangers, mixers, and tanks), interconnecting piping, control devices, and low voltage control wiring pre-wired and tested in our shop. In addition to the skids, MMC Contractors' scope includes the loose interconnecting piping, also prefabricated in piping spools, from the rack system to the skid(s) and from the skid(s) to the final termination point.

Engineering, modeling and preplanning will start immediately, as all modular systems are to be delivered to the site by the end of July 2012.

As part of the qualification process for this large, design-build fabrication project, the MMC-KC fabrication shop, fabrication procedures and quality control methods underwent a third-party inspection.

This is MMC Contractors' third project for this client since 2008.