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MMC Contractors Supports Local Community

Friday, December 18, 2015

MMC Contractors held its Annual Warehouse Christmas Party for the Kansas City field employees and retirees. It is a great opportunity for field and office staff to relax and spend time together away from the job sites. Each year, the raffle raises a good amount of money, which MMC Contractors traditioanlly uses to help out a fellow employee or family member who might be going through some difficult financial times. Fortunately, this year, there were no current employees in a position of need, so the $8,000 raised is going to a variety of other places where it will do the most good throughout the community.

Last year, we helped start the Andrew Leonard Education Fund in honor of an employee's son who died in the fall of 2014. The company made a $2,000 contribution to Andrew’s education fund this year.

MMC Contractors also made a $2,000 contribution to the Cass County Sherriff’s Department for their Shop with a Cop Program. Christine Eddleman, wife of an employee, is a Cass County Deputy with the S.R.O./D.A.R.E. program. On Saturday, Dec. 12, the Cass County Sherriff’s Department took 19 students shopping to purchase gifts for their family members. They had donuts and the Sherriff’s department employees helped the students wrap their presents. In the words of Deputy Eddleman, “These students would not have had a Christmas without this. On behalf of the Cass County Sherriff’s Office, we so appreciate and thank you for the generosity to provide this fun-filled day for 19 students in our county.”

The remaining $4,000 that we generated from the raffle will be used to support other charities in Kansas City and the communities where we work throughout the year. Photos below show the Shop with A Cop activities.