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MMC Contractors Omaha Receives Workmanship Award

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The MMC Contractors Omaha office and Steve Smejkal, journeyman plumber, were recently recognized by the City of Omaha with a certificate of excellence in recognition of quality workmanship. 

The award was issued by the Chief Plumbing Inspector of the City of Omaha. The site inspector that witnesses the test(s) and does field inspections nominated Steve to the Chief Plumbing inspector and stated that this was probably the best looking underground piping system that he had ever seen. It has been more than 10 years since the last time a plumber in the city of Omaha has received this award.

The project was a remodel/renovation of a single story office building in Omaha, in which several new restrooms and exam rooms were added, turning it into a small clinic. The underground portion of the project, for which the award was received, consisted of approximately 350 feet of pipe and fittings, with several different areas that required the team to tie on to the existing sanitary system in the building. Due to the fact that they had to tie on to existing sanitary system, with elevations already established, Steve had to get creative with his vast knowledge in order to make the new configuration(s) possible, and to meet the customer’s wants and needs.