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MMC Contractors LV Helps Build Veteran’s Facility in Record Time

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The MMC Contractors Las Vegas office recently helped build an entire 3,500-SF Crisis Intervention Center​ in one week. More than 100 local companies and trade unions donated $1 million in materials and labor to build the facility​​ meant to provide resources for veterans. Those resources include: permanent or temporary housing, mental health counseling, medical care, meal assistance, career planning, and 12-step meetings to help escape addictive behavior.

The construction was performed 24/7 with all donated time and materials. The center is adjacent to a 204-unit apartment complex that will eventually provide permanent housing to only veterans.

This impressive feat by MMC-LV and their local industry partners demonstrates their dedication to their community. Thank you to those who gave up personal time to help accomplish this goal!