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Introducing Connected Partners, MMC Contractors’ New Thought Leadership Magazine!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Living Systems, MMC Contractors' thought leadership magazine, is now Connected Partners! We strive to adapt to our ever-changing environment, and after six years of the magazine as "Living Systems," we have upgraded its name and style to more appropriately represent who we are today as a company and as a thought leader.

What’s with the new name? We always strive to be more than just a contractor or mechanical Service provider. We are partners to our clients in every sense of the word. We want them to know we care about their business needs and the people who will be using their buildings. Our knowledgeable construction teams and Service technicians treat every client as a client for life and foster long-term relationships wherever they are able. Also, we aren’t just trade partners. As mechanical contractors and Service providers, we are constantly making connections - whether on the jobsite, in buildings we service, the community, with our valued trade partners, and more. These connected partnerships are critical in constructing and servicing the essential structures in our lives.

The magazine has now gone digital. Each quarter we will be distributing an article of our magazine via email, and it will also be posted to the “Blog” section of our website. At the end of the year, each article will be compiled into a print piece that will be distributed through the mail. So keep an eye out in your inbox for Connected Partners and stay up-to-date on our projects, mechanical expertise, industry trends, and more.