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Announcing New Testing and Balancing Certification in Nebraska

Thursday, December 6, 2018

The MMC Contractors Omaha office is pleased to announce that they now hold NEBB certification in their testing and balancing department.  

The expanded certification is part of a larger company initiative to position MMC Contractors as a true partner to our current and future clients. With over 50 years of combined experience, the team is ready to work with our partners to identify solutions that meet their needs. 

The Service Group offers the following services and certifications:

Critical Environment Testing - Certification & Validation:

  • ORs, surgery suites, clean rooms, and sterile processing areas
  • Bio safety cabinets, sterile aseptic isolators, incubators, fume hoods, and decontamination of rooms and equipment
  • USP 797/800 hazardous drug compound testing, validation, training, and design
  • Clean room ISO 14644 testing, validation, training, and design
  • GMP and cGMP facility validation
  • Complete manufacturer’s warranty and repair services available


  • NEW NEBB Certification
  • Specializing in critical environment air changes per hour and pressurization validation
  • Kitchen exhaust systems
  • Duct leakage testing to job specifications
  • Building assessment and survey

Air Duct Cleaning:

  • Negative pressure vacuums 
  • HEPA filter containment
  • Plugged coils

To talk to a specialist about our services, please our Service Group at 402.861.0681